Frequently asked questions about CIBIC.

How long did it take to develop CIBIC?

It took five year to develop the entire CIBIC system; three years to develop the system structure and two years to develop the messaging and visuals.

Why are acronyms so heavily used in CIBIC?

Acronyms are widely used in CIBIC to promote learning and longer term retention.

What content is covered in the book?

The CIBIC manuscript is designed to highlight the inner drivers, outer qualities, and the directly peripheral elements of the system. The prevailing logic was that adopting the value elements of the model was critical to the overall pursuit, as such these were highlighted in the book.

Why is elegance so heavily emphasized?

It was our believe that in the absence of elegance, gaps, barriers, and chaos will often reign supreme.   As such, a heavily emphasis was placed on the use of circular elements in the CIBIC system.

What inspired this work?

We see the prevalence of gaps, barriers, and chaos as an ever menacing reality.  And while our technological growth continues to accelerate, our cognitive prowess has lagged behind, fueling common sense and value deficits that are of great concern.  CIBIC is designed to reverse this trend.

Who does CIBIC target?

CIBIC targets the 'improvement demographic; people and organizations that honestly desire to be better tomorrow than they are today.

Is CIBIC designed to be cryptic?

CIBIC contains unique, but sometimes subliminal, positive messaging that is designed to excite the mind and inspire the spirit.

What are the seminar and workshop date?

The CIBIC seminar and workshop schedule has yet to be established.  Stay tuned for more information soon.

Do you use social media?

CIBIC specific tweets are sent regularly on twitter.