The CIBIC System – An Overview

CIBIC is something new. While society races towards artificial intelligence, CIBIC helps people and organizations to build something even better: cognitive intelligence. A brand of intelligence that supports the pursuit of a clearly and cleanly stated mission. A pursuit that advances the collective best interest of a harmonious free society at large. CIBIC is designed to awaken a natural ability that exists in us all. It’s designed to awaken, to liberate, and to empower those who choose to listen and embrace its’ power. CIBIC is designed to reverse the negative effect of people and systems that limit and/or control cognitive intelligence on a larger scale. CIBIC promotes critical thinking and the exploration of alternate lines of reasoning. CIBIC progresses users seamlessly through a series of mission, method, and system driven knowledge portals that promote the pursuit of happiness, harmony, knowledge, and intrinsic excellence; tackling all of the ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘who’ dynamics that plagues most everyday people. While other systems focus on the superficial aspects of continuous improvement and excellence, CIBIC focuses on the in-depth aspects; helping you to succeed where others fail.

The Elements